We don’t just want to get bigger...we want to get better.

This campaign will allow us to grow strong and weather storms by becoming more sustainable and increase our capacity to impact more lives for eternity.


4 Critical Areas

We’re calling our community to rise up over the next 3 years and join together to strengthen our foundation and build for future impact. The Road to 100 Celebration campaign has been designed with long term sustainability in mind by improving and expanding in these 4 critical areas:



Planning for tomorrow

Critical Area 1


Guest accommodations

Our cabins are old and small and barely rentable. Replacing them with slightly larger cabins with bathrooms will increase our rental capacity and make parents more comfortable trusting us with their kids.

Meeting Spaces:

We are currently turning away groups because we don’t have adequate meeting space for multiple groups on the property at the same time even though we have vacant beds to accommodate them. Adding 2 new 60 person meeting spaces would allow us to host 5 midsized groups simultaneously, maximizing our capacity and significantly increasing our annual rental revenue.


Build two “cabin cluster” buildings with six cabin units in each and a connected meeting space big enough for 70 people.


$1,000,000* (*Cost could be reduced considerably with volunteer labour).


Staff Accommodations

Our retreat hosting and kitchen staff currently take up multiple rooms in the retreat center that we need to use for rental groups. Summer staff trailers need to be replaced and we’ll need housing for Gap Year Program participants in the near future.


Four, three-bedroom, mobile homes. In the summer, they are used for summer staff. In the rental season, they are used for rental staff.


$160,000 ($40,000/mobile home).



Our limited parking is a point of frustration for parents dropping off kids in the summer. If we increase rental group capacity we need to increase parking capacity to match growth.


Expand and maximize current main parking lot, add parking to new cabins.





With increased facility usage our current septic system is barely able to keep up. A new septic system is needed in order to increase rental capacity and accommodate new staff housing.


Septic System upgrade




Critical Area 2



New unique experiences and outrageous amounts of fun are big parts of what makes camp so memorable and keeps people coming again and again. We plan to add some features that will ramp up the “fun  factor” for both summer camp and rental groups.


Playground, Giant Swing, playing field, toboggan hill.




Critical Area 3


Programs (Gap-year program)

We are committed to developing kingdom leaders. We want to go beyond our LTD program and summer staff experience and create a gap-year program that focuses on discipleship and leadership development.


Hire director, build curriculum, book professors, market to students, build marketing materials.




Critical Area 4



We have remaining debt from our previous building campaign as a result of unfulfilled pledges that is accruing interest that we need to eliminate. Alleviating Gull from this debt would have phenomenal impact on the financial future of the ministry creating greater opportunities for continued health and growth.


Eliminate interest payments, increase cashflow for re-investment and sustainability.